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The Palau de Congressos de Catalunya is ideal for hosting work meetings. It offers meeting halls, convention spaces and modern and versatile rooms located in various parts of the building, meaning that various meetings can be held in the same place at the same time. There are also a wide variety of rooms that can be divided with panels, to adapt to the needs of any event, with various sizes and endless different configuration options, making this conference centre the perfect setting for holding events in Barcelona. Press conferences, executive meetings, work groups, training sessions, subcommittees and technical secretariat meetings all take place in this multidisciplinary space.

  • Room A+B1+B2+B3

    Hall A is one of the most attractive spaces in the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya. The large windows surrounding it offer enviable views of the Torre Melina gardens. Located on the garden level of the building, this multi-purpose area features a surface of 212 m2 and its partially glazed structure lets in plenty of light from outside, thus avoiding hermeticism and conveying the feeling of an open space.

    With a capacity for up to 200 people, this can be increased by adding an adjacent room (Room B), which brings the total capacity to 330 people.

    Hall B is made up of three modular spaces of 166 m2, which can be combined together or converted into a single space next to Hall A. Each modular space has its own entrance. 

    Rooms A and B make up a single space of 374 m² while retaining the magnificent views of the gardens.

  • Multifunctional Room

    The Multipurpose Room is a versatile area that combines three types of rooms (C, D and E), each of which can in turn be divided into six spaces.

    Located on Level -1, this room can be subdivided into different sections, offering a wide variety of versatile combinations that enable numerous different work group meetings to be held at the same time. There is a total surface area of up to 1,058 m2 that can be divided by panels, with a multitude of configurations to adapt the space to any kind of event, personalising it according to the needs of the occasion. The versatility of the room means that several meetings, conferences and any other kind of business events can be held simultaneously.

    The foyer of the Noble Space, surrounding this room, offers a hall with natural light that can be used for coffee breaks and is perfect for setting up stands, displaying informative posters or signing people up to events.

  • Room H1+H2+H3

    One of the most functional and spacious rooms at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya is the Forum Room, located on floor -1. It has a total surface area of 812.16 m2, with a maximum capacity of 800 people. This space is composed of three modular rooms (H1, H2 and H3), each with a surface area of 271 m2 and capacity for up to 280 people. These sub-rooms can be combined together using panels, adapting the capacity of the space according to the needs of each event.

    Each room has its own entrance from the Noble Space, which is in turn connected to the Torre Melina gardens. Whether separate or together, they offer the perfect meeting place for networking, work groups, business conventions and workshops in Barcelona.

  • J Room

    You will find Room J next to Room H, offering 428 m2 of surface area and capacity for up to 456 people. This modern, open-plan space can be expanded thanks to the adjacent subdivisions of the neighbouring room.

    Located on floor -1, this room is surrounded by the Noble Space and Hall -1, open areas that are perfect for coffee breaks, panel exhibitions, information stands and sign-up booths.

  • Press Room I

    The 145 m² Press Room I of the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya is the ideal space for press conferences in Barcelona, as well as media conferences and presentations. Equipped with all the necessary connections and technology, this spacious venue ensures that journalists and media teams can carry out their work efficiently and without interruption. Its functional design facilitates the coverage of any event held in the building, offering comfort and accessibility at all times.

  • Press Room II

    The 33 m² Press Room II offers an intimate and well-equipped environment for the coverage of smaller events or meetings of a selection of media. This room features all the necessary connections and facilities for media professionals to carry out their work effectively. It is the perfect space for interviews, media planning meetings, and small press conferences at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya.

  • Executive Lounge

    The 60 m² Executive Lounge of the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya is designed for high-level meetings. Equipped with the latest technology and all the necessary connections, this space offers a professional and sophisticated environment for board meetings, working sessions, and executive presentations. Its tranquil atmosphere and facilities ensure that every meeting is productive and successful, providing the perfect setting for strategic decision making.

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