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The halls at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya are a series of large spaces distributed throughout the building. They can be accessed from various places and their strategic location enables you to host a wide variety of events. Multifunctional areas that can be used for all kinds of purposes related to an event, including exhibitions, registrations, coffee breaks, welcome drinks, exhibition stands, etc.

  • Hall -1 and the Noble Space

    A 345 m2 hall located on floor -1 of the Palau, near the Business Centre and the K rooms, that is designed for hosting congresses. Its height offers great versatility, allowing stagings of all kind, including exhibition stands, photocalls, registrations, cocktail parties, coffee breaks and stands.

    This foyer features a sculpture by the painter and sculptor Andreu Alfao, a pioneer in minimalist art whose innovative work uses industrial materials such as iron and steel.

    Along with this Hall there is also the large Noble Space, which can be used as an adjoining area between the Multipurpose Room and rooms H and J. This space is flooded with natural light from the skylights between the bays and the space from the stairs that connect with the ground floor.

    • Hall -1 + the Noble Space Hall -1 + the Noble Space: 657.51 m2
  • Hall 0

    This space is the main hall of the Auditorium and provides access to the Exhibition Room at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya. A 460 m2 area on the ground floor that can be accessed directly from Avenida Diagonal, making it the first place that attendees see when they visit this conference centre. Bathed in the light that floods in through the skylights that adjoin the bays of the building, this space is ideal for registrations and handing out materials. It also offers a large reception area, a cloakroom service and rooms for housing the conference technical office.

    Located on the ground floor, it is directly connected to the Main Auditorium and the Exhibition Room. A foyer with enough space to provide attendee’s with easy access to the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya and a smooth exit.

  • Foyer 0 and Foyer 1

    Foyer 0 and Foyer 1 are connected to the Main Auditorium. Located on floors 0 and 1, respectively, these spaces offer plenty of natural light thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling window with views of the Torre Melina gardens. A bright and versatile area that is ideal for providing all kinds of breaks during any events that may be held at the Auditorium, offering the perfect space for coffee breaks, one-on-one meetings, poster areas, etc.

    Foyer 0 has capacity for 200 people (250 in a cocktail party format) and is located on the ground floor, from where you can admire the Ágora painting by the artist Miguel Olivares, which looks down on the room, recreating a scene full of colour, energy and movement.

    Foyer 0 is connected to Foyer 1 via a staircase located on the floor with the same name, which is also connected to the amphitheatre and the balcony of the Main Auditorium.

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